Pink Ice

Pink Ice is a longer shape than some varieties with green to red skin and flesh that varies from pink to green. It has a stronger finger lime flavour.


WG is a variety with green to yellow skin, pale yellow flesh and a milder citrus flavour more in the lemon spectrum.

R 13 or Wauchope

The colour of the flesh varies from champagne, pink to red and has  a clean lime flavour.

Byron Sunrise

Byron Sunrise has a rich pink to red flesh with a mild lime flavour. There is a hint of mint in the background.

Red Centre or Australian Blood lime

is a hybrid that was developed by the CSIRO by crossing a finger lime with a rangpur lime. The flesh is more like a normal citrus and the flavour is more like a traditional lime but with complex spicy notes. Great in gin and tonic.


This variety has an attractive mix of large pale green and pink flesh. The flavour is one of limes with some floral notes and rounded out by a strong classic finger character. The taste is consistently the favourite amongst our customers.

Sunrise Lime

Another hybrid finger lime from the CSIRO developed by crossing with a calomondin. This is similar to a cumquat and can be eaten skin and all.