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Finger Lime Varieties


WG is a variety with green to yellow skin. The flesh is a pale yellow colour. It has a mild citrus flavour somewhere between a lemon and  a lime. This variety might have less visual impact than some others but it is hard to beat the flavour. It is very good paired with salmon, a green salad or on cheesecake. 

Byron Sunrise

This variety has a rich pink to red flesh with a clean lime flavour. This variety ripens a bit later in our season than some and gains deeper colour as the nights get colder. There is a hint of mint in the background along with a fruit character that reminds us of plum or rhubarb. It is versatile with many food or drink choices and has great visual appeal.

Wauchope or R13

The Wauchope variety has a mix of champagne to pink colours. The deeper pink colours are more prominent later in the season as the nights get colder. It has a clean lime flavour which works well with most foods. The pearls are a little smaller and it looks great in drinks. The marmalade from this fruit is often a deep red colour


This variety has an attractive mix of large pale green to pink flesh. The flavour is one of limes beside some floral notes which are rounded out by a strong classic finger character. The taste is more complex than others and it is often preferred by our customers trying the fresh fruit. The marmalades we make with this fruit have a stronger finger lime character with something floral in the background.

Pink Ice

Pink Ice has a longer shape than some varieties with green to deep red skin. The flesh varies from pink to green. It is an early season fruit. There is a strong finger lime character to this variety which works well on oysters especially the Sydney Rock.

Finger Lime Hybrid Varieties

Red Centre or Australian Blood lime

A hybrid that was developed by the CSIRO by crossing a finger lime with a rangpur lime. The flesh is more like a normal citrus and the flavour is more like a traditional lime but with complex spicy notes. Great in gin and tonic and makes an elegant marmalade.

Sunrise Lime

Another hybrid finger lime from the CSIRO developed by crossing finger limes with a calomondin. This is similar to a cumquat with a mild flavour and can be eaten skin and all. Marmalade made with this fruit is milder and closer to a jam.

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