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Finger Lime In Drinks

Lemonade Lime and Bitters

Gin with Red Centre Lime

Finger lime when added to many drinks adds another element to the flavour as well as being visually impressive. Sparkling drinks will show off the finger lime baubles as they float up with the bubbles and then down again. As you enjoy your preferred drink you will get a burst of lime flavour from time to time. Even a simple glass of mineral water can be enjoyed this way or a soda, lime and bitters as in this photo.

Gin and Tonic with Finger Lime

Gin and tonic is a particular favourite of ours. Any gin is good!!

The finger lime pearls will float up and down on the bubbles. With each sip you will enjoy a burst of finger lime flavour.

Our Red Centre limes add an interesting hint of spice as well as lime flavours.

Click on the link below to our blog page for more thoughts on finger lime flavour in gin or vodka.

Ink Gin brand with tonic

A Traditional Pimms

Martini with a twist

If you like a martini then try the following version of a traditional favourite.

Add 75ml of your favourite gin and 15ml of dry vermouth to a cocktail shaker.

Add 10ml of finger lime or Tahitian lime juice.

Shake ingredients after adding crushed ice

Pour into a cocktail glass then add finger lime caviar.

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