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Organic Finger Limes

At Canungra Creek we grow and produce organic finger limes. This citrus is native to South East Queensland and can be found growing wild in the region. We invite you to learn more about this exciting and versatile Australian fruit from the information available to you on our website. 

Finger Lime Varieties

Different Colours
Different Flavours

Each variety has a colour and flavour that is distinctive and surprisingly versatile in their potential uses. You are only limited by your imagination in the kitchen.

Finger lime Skin Care Products

Our range of skincare products is designed to harness the natural benefits that finger limes bring to your skin. These benefits were well understood by local Aboriginal groups in S.E.Queensland. It includes skin serum, hand cream and soap.

Finger Lime Marmalade and Preserves

All are made using our organic finger limes grown in the Scenic Rim area of Queensland. The marmalades are made using only enough sugar to set the jam and the ingredients consist only of finger lime, sugar and rainwater.

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